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Thazin Garden Hotel,Bagan is a Grand stadium located on the high plain surrounded with ancient pagodas and ruins. Due to the elevated position the viewers can enjoy the natural scenes of hilly ridges and greeny plains, especially the golden Pagodas.The ideal gift for the visitors is for peace of soul and body.Thazin garden Hotel consists of 50 Garden View Deluxe rooms and 17 Pagoda View Deluxe rooms.
Architecture - Myanmar โ€“ traditional design โ€“ Mainly of teak components, the roofings are double decked of teak shingles.
Garden Area - Spacious Garden Area โ€“ attractively paved with brick apron, whitish curving around the front space of sidewalks, pathways crossing and winding across the garden area and the private lanes to the bungalows are wisely planned. Tall dainty coconut trees are charming addition to the area of colourful flowers dancing with the breeze.


Restaurant & Bar

Breakfast service at the upper floor
dining hall adorned with

Facilities & Services

Quiet and serene location with
open space in the garden

Spa, Tour & Trip

Our spa team relaxes you feel
calmer, less tense,


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